It is the mission of RMC to maintain high standards of ethical conduct at all times. RMC follows all national and international laws applicable to its business. All employees are required to follow its internal policies and procedures regarding ethics, compliance and the supply chain. Senior management through dissemination of written policies and direct training sessions ensures that all employees are aware of their responsibilities in upholding the firm’s standard of conduct. RMC is selective in choosing its suppliers of responsible gold and responsible silver and strives to ensure that all suppliers’ materials are conflict free and that our suppliers are compliant with all applicable laws on local, state, and federal levels in the US and abroad.


Our Sourcing Model

Republic Metals works with publicly traded and household private mining names to ensure a supply chain that is traceable directly back to its point of extraction from the ground.


It is this sourcing model that has helped propel Republic to become the premier supplier of precious metals for the most major industrial and jewelry manufacturers because of the security and transparency afforded to these clients to select their origin of choice for the precious metals they consume.


LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance

“LBMA has set up a Responsible Gold Guidance for Good Delivery Refiners in order to combat systematic or widespread abuses of human rights, to avoid contributing to conflict, to comply with high standards of AML and combating terrorist financing practice.”1 RMC has undergone an independent Assessment Audit by UL, and was found to meet the rigorous requirements as set forth by the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance program. Click here to view a copy of our LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance Summary Assessment report.


Click here to view our Responsible Gold Guidance Certification.


Supply Chain Policy

RMC has adopted an internal Supply Chain Policy to ensure that material received from its suppliers is not from Conflict-Affected and High- Risk Areas.


Click here to view our Supply Chain Policy Statement.


Click here to view our LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance. 


*For any questions or concerns regarding our supply chain policy, please email us at

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