RMC2 services pawn shops, coin dealers, jewelers, and gold party companies - providing 24-hour settlements, complimentary shipping and no refining fees.

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RMC’s advanced Customer Portal enables compliant and active customers to gain 24-hour secure self-service access to valuable information regarding their transactions and to take a more active role in tracking their trades.

Customers gain direct connection to their customer representative during normal business hours via chat and during off business hours with tools to report on their needs and have them responded to rapidly.  

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Refining Precious Metals

Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) boasts world-class, industry-leading refining technology.  RMC’s proprietary process has proven itself to be competitively superior.  Still, higher internal standards of speed, cost efficiencies and environmental excellence are continually sought after by RMC management. 

New research & development investments have led to a significant reduction of the total refining process time.  Our environmentally sound procedures produce little to no emissions.  Importantly, scrubbing and chemical costs have been minimized, leading to higher customer payouts.

Our technology eliminates the need for pretreatment measures that utilize the highly dangerous Miller Process.  As a result, our facilities are safer for both our employees and the environment.  Our refining circuits also remove reliance on the inefficient, time-consuming Wohlwill Process.  This ensures that capital is not tied up in the refinery, enabling rapid settlements.

Notably, Republic Metals Corporation was the first precious metals refinery in the United States to have achieved ISO 14001 certification for environmental compliance.  RMC is registered with the U.S. Department of Energy, and was invited by the U.S. Government to participate in Performance Track – which challenges firms to go above and beyond legal requirements pertaining to environmental regulations.

As a result of our dedication to the advancement of refining technologies, we are able to produce the highest grade precious metals in the world, including five-nine (99.999%) gold in a single pass.  The cumulative effect of these measures ensures that your precious metal refining needs will be met in the most efficient manner possible.

Refining Material Accepted (containing precious metals)
  • Mining Doré
  • Impure Bars / Ingots
  • Jewelry Scrap
  • Alluvial Gold / Gold Dust
  • Coins / Bars / Ingots
  • Gold Filled / Gold Leaf (must have volume)
  • Manufacturing Scrap / By-Products
    • Sweeps
    • Powders
    • Polishing(s)
    • Filings
    • Sludge
    • Crucibles

Precious Metals Accepted & Priced:

  • Au (Gold)
  • Ag (Silver)
  • Pt (Platinum)
  • Pd (Palladium)
  • Rh (Rhodium)
  • Ir (Iridium)


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Phone: 888-685-8505 Fax: 305-685-8506 E-Mail: info@republicmetalscorp.com