RMC2 services pawn shops, coin dealers, jewelers, and gold party companies - providing 24-hour settlements, complimentary shipping and no refining fees.

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RMC’s advanced Customer Portal enables compliant and active customers to gain 24-hour secure self-service access to valuable information regarding their transactions and to take a more active role in tracking their trades.

Customers gain direct connection to their customer representative during normal business hours via chat and during off business hours with tools to report on their needs and have them responded to rapidly.  

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Trading Precious Metals

Our trading desk can accommodate any size trade. In addition to trading live with the market, our clients have the ability to place “Good-‘Til-Cancelled” orders and “Day” orders. Customers who are trying to achieve a specific price for their goods may choose to place an order in this fashion. These special orders do have minimum orders associated: 

  • 100 oz. Au (Gold)                  
  • 5,000 oz. Ag (Silver)                  
  • 50 oz. Pt (Platinum) 
  • 100 oz. Pd (Palladium)

In addition to RMC’s own financial flexibility, we have the ability to accommodate sophisticated transactions including wire transfers & metal transfers to financial institutions and other trading partners. Our team has extensive expertise in conducting business with the world’s largest bullion banks.

Our years of experience and long-term relationships with financial institutions create significant advantages for our clients. We are able to foster relationships that often result in capital financing, especially for prospective and junior mines.

Republic Metals Corporation is sincerely dedicated to providing flexible and affordable financing to our customers. Our aim is to help our clients grow in a profitable manner!

*Trades conducted with RMC may require margin maintenance deposits.

To contact our trading department directly, please dial (786) 270-2490


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