Republic Metals Corporation has developed a full-service Assay Laboratory on-site at its Miami facilities. With a full complement of expert chemists and state-of-the-art analytical equipment, RMC’s Assay Lab can accommodate any of your needs.


In most instances melting is required. For sampling, RMC’s skilled operations team carefully extracts representative samples while material is molten and homogenized within the crucible. The sample is then delivered to the laboratory, where it is registered by RMC’s Lab Manager. A preliminary analysis of the sample is taken using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology to determine an estimate of the total precious metal content for purposes of creating proofs and determining the best analytical method for the material.


With the preliminary analysis, proof corrected fire assay is performed using known standards for the determination of gold and silver in the precious metal bearing alloy. ICP-OES analysis is run to account for platinum group metals (PGM’s). Using proof standard, RMC is able to credit clients for material oxidized in the cupellation process.


RMC possesses the most current and technologically advanced equipment to support its assay facility including, but not limited to, Spectro Arcos ICP’s and high precision micro-balances.


The RMC Assay Laboratory lies at the heart of the business. RMC goes above and beyond industry standards to demand perfection from its assay lab. The combination of speed and precision has directly and positively affected the bottom line of our clients.

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