Republic Metals is capable of providing large volumes of investment-grade bullion, including custom bullion products. Our commitment to fabricating products of the highest quality, providing flexible and reliable delivery options, and our ability to accommodate custom design and packaging requests, has allowed Republic Metals to become a premier fabricator in the industry.


We guarantee the weight and fineness of our products, without exception.

Minting Your Products

RMC understands the difference between successful and unsuccessful minted products lie within the combination of the concept, the creation, the execution and ultimately appeal of the product to a specific target market. Our team is here to help you every step along the way to ensure a project always results in a successful product.

1oz RMC Round

Minting Features Available

Multi-Textured Frosting and Finishes



Frosting refers to the satin like finish created on the design or background (or both) of minted products. Due to our advanced laser technology we are able to create an infinite amount of finishes, ranging from heavier seat to very light and smooth frostings.



A coin with a proof finish is one that has a mirror like finish on the background of the minted product. Proof coins necessarily need to be treated with the utmost of care during the production process because any scratch or blemish will become apparent against the highly polished background. Republic Metals specializes in creating proof and proof like finishes on minting dies to ensure bullion will have the maximum shine desired.

IRA Eligible

The RMC Mint Mark

As a good delivery refiner listed on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (COMEX), as well as holding ISO9001:2008 certifications, the Republic Metals brand is one that represents a quality backed by the highest standards in the industry.


By adding the Republic Metals mint mark to products that we mint on your behalf, your products will not only carry the proof of standards that our brand represents, but will also be IRA eligible.

Republic Metals Corporation's mint mark

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