Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) boasts world-class, industry-leading refining technology. RMC’s proprietary process has proven itself to be competitively superior, with the ability to produce five-nine (999.99) gold, and four-nine (999.9) silver in a single refining pass. Still, higher internal standards of speed, cost efficiencies and environmental excellence are continually sought after by RMC management.


New research & development investments have led to a significant reduction of the total refining process time. Our environmentally sound procedures produce little to no emissions. Importantly, scrubbing and chemical costs have been minimized, leading to higher customer payouts.


Our technology eliminates the need for pretreatment measures resulting in facilities which are safer for both our employees and the environment. Our refining circuits also remove reliance on the inefficient, time-consuming Wohlwill Process. This ensures that capital is not tied up in the refinery, enabling rapid settlements.


Republic Metals Corporation combines responsible supply-chain practices with a proprietary single-batch refining technology to give brand owners the ability to choose the exact origin of their responsibly sourced material through closed-circuit batched refining.

Mining Material

Republic Metals has the unique ability to accept and process materials, and mining dore, containing even the most difficult of deleterious elements. (Lead, Cadmium, Iron, Selenium, Bismuth, Mercury, Nickel, Arsenic, Tellurium, Antimony, Tin, Zinc) Republic Metals is currently accepting the following material from mining companies.

Mining Dore


Mining byproducts (Spent Carbon, Slag, Wire wool, High-Grade Concentrates etc.)

Recycled Material

Republic Metals accepts a wide range of recycled precious metals bearing material including:

Impure Bars/Ingots

Jewelry Scrap

Alluvial Gold/ Gold Dust


Gold Filled/Gold Leaf

Manufacturing Scrap/By-Products

  • Sweeps
  • Powders
  • Polishing(s)
  • Filings
  • Sludge
  • Crucibles

Precious Metals Accepted

Republic Metals accepts and prices the following metals:

Au (Gold)

Ag (Silver)

Pt (Platinum)

Pd (Palladium)

Rh (Rhodium)

IR (Iridium)

Ru (Ruthenium)

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