Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) has been providing quality precious metal products and services to worldwide clientele for over thirty years. RMC continuously strives to develop new methods to better serve you, our high valued customer.


In addition to enhancing our existing stone removal process, we are excited and proud to introduce our newest division, RMC DIAMONDS. Founded on superior refining standards, excellent customer service, ethical business practices, a safe work atmosphere and unyielding commitment to a green environment – the same principles that helped to mature RMC into one of the world’s leading primary precious metals refiners – we established RMC DIAMONDS to provide additional value to our clients.


Our team of highly-skilled stone recovery specialists and GIA-certified gemologists is now ready and able to purchase diamonds recovered from your stone removal lots. And, with the completion of our new 55,000+ square foot refining addition, we have the capability to settle your lots at a faster and more efficient pace.


“Brilliant opportunities” means recovering your precious stones before melting your metal. Republic Metals Corporation is pleased to share our stone removal program’s spectacular updates, what we refer to as the “RMC Advantage”:


  • Rapid recovery and payment (varies with lot size)
  • Highest quality of inspection, transparency, and unmatched precision through every step of the process
  • Innovative refining department dedicated to treatment of material and stone recovery
  • Team of stone recovery specialists dedicated to your account
  • Value-added services
    (i.e. ability to sort based on shape, size, color, and quality)

And, because Republic Metals Corporation is a full service refinery, we can eliminate the middle man, allowing us to pay you the highest price in the industry.



Our dedicated diamond-purchasing program allows us to be the single source for all of your precious metals and stones needs. Gemologists carefully eliminate cubic zirconia and separate diamonds and colored stones to provide an in-depth analysis of your material. We then evaluate your diamonds by size and quality to offer you the industry’s most competitive prices.


RMC Advantage:

  • In-house process and quicker payment – we effectively cut out the middle man
  • Personalized service by your own diamond concierge
  • Purchase of all shapes, qualities, and sizes
  • No minimum carat requirement
  • Commitment-free
  • No stone removal fees for lots from which diamonds are purchased

It’s the reliable Republic Metals brand you know and trust, and the superior service to which you have become accustomed. Let our dedication and expertise provide you with the value and convenience you deserve.

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