Republic Carbon Company is a subsidiary of Republic Metals dedicated to providing carbon processing services to the mining community. Processing spent carbon is a natural extension of Republic Metals’ current full scale refining services.


Combining Republic’s best qualities, clients are provided with a carbon processing service that ensures a Fast Turnaround at a Logistically Convenient location near our headquarters in Miami, FL, and the ability to offer Favorable Payment Terms.


Below is a glimpse into how we process material through our carbon facility.

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Upon receipt of material at our loading dock, clients’ material is prepared for processing. Each lot is given a unique identifying number through which it can be identified and labeled accordingly. All carbon material entering the facility is weighed according to our ISO9001:2015 certified procedures.


Each scale is checked and calibrated as follows:

  • Daily – By internal inspectors.
  • Quarterly – By industry regulated third-party auditors.
carbon processing blender for spent carbon


The material moves forward in the process where it is sifted to remove oversized material. Once sifted, material moves along the process to the de-watering conveyor where excess moisture is removed prior to blending.


In the blender, the material is mixed for approximately 45 minutes to ensure homogeneity. At this point, the material is ready to be sampled.


Republic Carbon Company goes to great lengths to ensure complete accuracy is achieved while analyzing client material.


Once fully blended and homogenized, material is discharged and fed into a pelican auto sampler. The auto sampler collects 10% of the contents and transfers it to a riffle splitter. The riffle splitter further reduces the sample, segregating out 10% from the original 10% that was collected by the pelican auto sampler. From the reduced random sample, a spear sampler is used to collect 8 samples, weighing 100 grams each, which are distributed among our assay laboratory, the client, and the client’s chosen 3rd party laboratory.

Carbon process sampling


Samples are sent to our ISO9001:2015 registered laboratory for analysis to determine the gold and silver content as well as the levels of moisture and deleterious elements present. Our lab’s assaying methodology has been proven by trusted third-party tests, to provide accurate and consistent results.


Trusted third-party assayers can always be utilized upon request from the client. Contact us for a list of 3rd party representatives and assay laboratories who are regularly present at our facilities.


Want to know more about our carbon processing? Contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help!

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